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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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democrats are staging a sit-in on the house floor, refusing to move until there's action on gun control. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. the demonstration started hours ago and is likely to continue well into the evening. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk is live in the digital center. no bill, no break. >> yeah, jim. the images they're sharing, they're pretty unusual. i just got off the phone with a local congressman who tells me they're frustrated but he also called today saying they're inspiring. >> reporter: this is video tweeted out by cory booker. look on the floor. members out of their seats sitting on the floor staging a sit-in. that's democrat bob brady at the podium. congressman brendan boyle also
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taking part. i spoke with him by phone within the past hour. >> we're sick and tired of simply having tragedy after tragedy, a moment of silence, and then doing nothing. that is no longer acceptable. we need to act now to prevent the next tragedy from happening. >> reporter: he said he was preparing to speak on the orlando shooting when the sit-in start and he joined in. how long you do expect this to go on today? >> that i don't know. this is extremely measured. but it shows you how people are fed up here with the ina. we can hear the voices of our constituents saying why don't you do something about the senselessne senselessness. to continue to be shut out without having a debate, without even having a vote -- >> now, this is a live look at the floor of the house through a social media stream from c-span.
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we're getting these sort of unofficial reports because the house is not officially gavelled into session right now. that's one of the frustrations of some of the democrats who want the cameras and microphones on. the congressman i just spoke with, congressman brendan boyle, he said he would be heading back to the house floor as this demonstration continues. i'm lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." new at 6:00 tomorrow. delaware congressman jack signed a bill closing a loophole. this measure will extend the amount of time in which a background check can be completed from three to 25 days. the three-day limit gained attention after last year's mass shooting in charleston, south carolina, when nine people were killed in a church. the suspected gunman purchased
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the gun after delayed loophole when his transaction took longer than three days. stay with us on the delayed gun control in congress and all of the information in our area. it's the calm between two rounds of storms at the shore. you're looking live at beautiful conditions right now. on the beach in cape may, very different from yesterday. nbc 10 in nazareth, these youngsters enjoying nothing but sun and their water acts, of course. don't get too used to this where you can see some storms that are heading toward our area at this point. we're timing out the chances where you live with the nbc 10 neighborhood forecast. >> for that we go to nbc 10 glenn hurricane swharterts. what can we expect in. >> another round or two of thunderstorms. right now things are very quiet
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in the area. back to the west, we're starting to see an increase especially around chicago and a tornado watch is about to be issued there. the remnants of this come down to the southeast and then make a little bit of a left turn and that's why we have part of the area in this risk for severe storms tomorrow from about philadelphia southward and some of that risk could even come in the morning hours. again, you can see from philly southward. so by 6:00 a.m. there could very well be some thunderstorms in the area. nothing tonight. during the night itself, it's a beautiful evening. great overnight. we've got to watch out for any showers and storms tomorrow. the latest guidance showing delaware, new jersey, jersey shore still dry at the start of the day, buttite note going to stay that way. more on the timing with those storms and into the weekend in a
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few minutes. >> all right. glenn. stay with the nbc 10 app to track the systems. you can get severe weather alerts, use interactive radar and get the first alert forecast from the weather team. we are 33 days away from the democratic national convention. philadelphia, of course, will host thousands of presidential delegates starting july 25th. and the wells fargo center will look very difference for this presidential affair than when you see it for a sixers or flyers game or maybe even a concert. this is what the wells fargo center looks like in its current state. there's exposed concrete floor. hundreds taken out. workers making room for 6,000 delegates that fill the floor. they'll sit alongside the arena, not the end for better site lines. a team of attorneys is expected to defend seats. they held a news conference
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about an hour ago. they say the city has been shifting its positions on handling protestering next month and the layers 'ledge massive abuse. and the district attorney's office during the republican national convention in 2000. city authorities are planning to use a shutdown prison to house dnc protesters if there are massive arrests. the city does not expect mass arrests. the prison shut down in 195. news about bernie sanders now. he expects to speak at the democratic national convention. the dnc president tells us it's possible. in the meantime tonight sanders is acknowledging he will not be the democratic presidential nominee. in an interview with c-span, he gauche yagss are yop going for him to endorse hillary clinton. and that leads clinton to unify sanders democrats after her long
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battle with sanders. today they met at capitol hill and met privately with the caucus. clinton found herself under attack as well today. >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. >> today donald trump blasting clinton's character called her a, quote, world-class liar. this comes after she gave two high-profile speeches attacking his business, efforts, and preparedness for oval office. will congressman chaka fattah resign now that he's guilty in his federal corruption case. yesterday a jury convicted him of all the charged he faces. andrea, many say he's wanted out. >> scores of politicians are
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calling for him to resign. but experts are saying it bha adding to that pressure. chaka fattah's 21 years serving west philadelphia and the main line in congress are now trumped by a new number, his 22 convictions on federal corruption charges. attorney joel benecke is now working on this case. fattah's term is set to skbier after losing the democratic primary, but some high-profile politicians including governor tom wolf and former philadelphia may your ed rendell says he should resign much sooner. ben ek says a convention may add to that pressure. >> whether it equals judgment don't show up at the convention remains to be seen. >> reporter: through a statement from his congressional office, we were told, he would, quote, begin conversations in the
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coming days as dik talgted by the rules of congress, end quote. >> do expect him to keep the seat from now until then. money is a big issue. >> on october 4th. a judge will continue forfeiture of fattah's assets to pay for some of the money that was taken. the judge will also consider jail time. >> i'm guessing he's got exposure, somewhere between five and ten years. six is probably more accurate, but it could be up to five or ten. >> we contacted house minority leader nancy pelosi along with the congressional black caucus. they have yet to get to us on whether they're taking a stand on whether or not congressman fattah should resign. his next sentencing is skedsualed for october 4th. aundrea cline-thomas, "nbc 10 news." a doctor is charged in the largest medical fraud case.
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he's include in a 5 million dollar scheme to defraud medicare, medicaid and others. it happened at his practice, a foot above podiatry. he's one of more than 300 doctors charged in this takedown. an american airlines pilot accused of being drunk before a flight will be tested for drugs and alcohol. he pleated not guilty to operating under the influence. mcguire was removed from a detroit to philadelphia flight before takeoff in march. authorities say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. new at 6:00, we have touchdown. >> a milestone miracle flight landed safely and with it a very special passenger. here he is. 10-year-old levi kreshefs in a pilot's uniform. it was the 1,000th miracle
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flight. it helps children and adulls in need of critical care. he suffers from a rare incurable form of dwarfism. they're hoping to focus on his vertebrae. >> there are holes, they say they would put a rod in it to fix it. it would be like sheetrock and just crumble and i would have no vertebrae. >> as you can see, levi's condition has not dampened his spirits at all. he and his family will stay at the ronald mcdonald house in wilmington where he'll see a specialist. not even bruce lee kick could save him. we'll see more. also knocked down trees and ripped off roofs.
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we talked to homeowners who call it total destruction. glenn? >> and those wind gusts were to hurricane forces. now we have another round of storms headed into our area tomorrow. we'll tell you how severe it would be where you live in the nbc 10 first alert forecast next.
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welcome back. man who slapped and car jacked a woman is wanted by police. he attacked a woman as she was waiting outside a super markts for her daughter. it happened saturday, june 11th at 9:30 in the evening. police say after slapping the woman, he pulled her out of the car and drove way. he was wearing that white phillies jersey, white pants and red shoes. a delaware man's trip to myrtle beach, south carolina, ended with him getting bitten by a shark. tonight he's sharing his story only with nbc 10 news. i want to warn you the pictures are tough to see. he and his 8-year-old son were swimming in waist-deep water when they saw a dorsal fin. they tried getting to the beach
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but the shark latched onto his toe and ankle. he said it felt like two sledgehammers slamming his ankle. he said he's glad it didn't last any longer than it did but he tells us he's still in a lot of pain. >> the tlom ihrobbing, you can the heartbeat in your foot. i doesn't feel good, that's for sure. >> jeff tells us his kids will only be going in calf-deep water for the rest of the week. total destruction in cape may county. that's how some of the homeowners describe the damage there. yesterday's storms toppled trees and some homes. nbc's cydney long tracks the worst of the damage. >> reporter: they spend the day picking up debris, but the largest piece is this roof blown off a public works building. they'll still have to survey damage to the maintenance. it comes as more severe storms
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could hit our region tomorrow. >> never, never. >> mary hennessey has never seen or felt anything like the storm she felt tuesday. >> it was all i heard, trees falling everywhere. >> reporter: she's visiting her son and daughter-in-law from australia. she said it was like something she sees at the movies. >> i'm glad my son and mother-in-law were here. >> she worried it might lift her car off the road. she was desperately trying to get home to check on them. >> total destruction. i don't even know where to start. >> reporter: residents here have some heavy lifting to do. national weather crews sur vained downed trees and weiers. they say most trees fell in the same direction and the destruction took less than five minutes. >> was this a tornado? >> we have determined this as a microburst, which is a down
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bufrtd of localized very strong winds of 70 to 80 miles an hour. >> reporter: on the beach side, hotel patrons were unscathed by the roof partially torn off. far different vish you from this time yesterday. >> actually the boardwalk is protected. the back side, the bay side is where winds came through and did the damage. >> the wot of it. inside, equipment used to keep wildwood beaches in tiptop shape. clearly it's been a busy 24 hour of cleanup and still much left to be dub. inish ll 39,000 atlantic city residents were without power at the height of the storm. all but a thousand should be restored by midnight tonight or midday tomorrow, precisely when more storms could bear down. in wildwood, i'm cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> at least they had that respite today to be able to tackle that cleanup.
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>> i know. so overwhelming, i imagine, for enout there. glenn. >> yeah. those winds were mighty strong. just offshore we had gusts to 85 miles an hour. of course, all of that is above hurricane force, but it's over a wilder area than just a tornado. it's just a technicality for the insurance. wind is wind as far as damage is concerned. when you've got hurricanes, then you've got issues with insurance kanch. 85 degrees with sunshine. 84 in lehigh. 82 in delaware. it's just been a beautiful day, especially in the afternoon as the humidity has gone down. it's been a warm one at the shore. the west wind being a land breeze. they were even a little warmer a couple of hours ago. the wind coming in off the bay. 95 degrees in woodbine. now, we have nothing but high clouds down in southern delaware, but storms increasing around the chicago area. that's just the beginning of the
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increase of this system coming in from the west. the highest risk for any severe weather tomorrow is from the philadelphia area southward. that doesn't mean we're guaranteed to get it or that it's going to be widespread. yesterday's damage was certainly isolated. but the severe storm threat during the day tomorrow, let's take a look at some of the latest timing from the latest computer models. as we go into the morning hours, this one is keeping the showers back to the west. we showed you one earlier that had it in by 6:00 a.m. that's really heavy activity but this goes more to the southeast or delaware and extreme south jersey. the farther north you go, the lester threat of severe weather. there can still be showers around, but the severe weather threat is there in the morning. and then this is another possibility later on on thursday evening. again, delaware and south jersey with the main threats. now, during the day tomorrow, some sunshine, some thunder storms.
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it's not going to rain all day. it won't be quite as warm as it was during the day today. galloway is 78. getting a sea breeze tomorrow, 81 in dover. and for your weekend, look at that. that looks nice. temperatures into the 80s friday, saturday, sunday. low humidity. nice sea breeze at the shore. it doesn't get much better than that. we'll be right back.
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that looks nice. that looks nice. i'm john clark with sports.
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they have told ben's camp he's their choice. he worked out, visited "the tonight show." he had his first philly cheesesteak and today he used the word "we" when talking about the sixers. he said, quote, i think once we start playing, we'll come together. i had a good feeling, good vibes, so i'm looking forward to it. >> would you be surprised if you're not the number one pick? >> would i be surprised, yes. >> is it fair from fans? >> this this is what i have been waiting for honestly. i'm willing to work hard and put in the time, so i'm willing to put time in. >> have they told you what to expect? >> yeah. >> what have they told you? >> they love their sports. love their big sports fans. >> i'll be there live 4:00,
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5:00, 6:00, 11:00. derrick rose in a trade with the bull. the city of cleveland celebrating their title. they're estimating 1 million fans. look at that. from out of ohio. they hung out of office buildings. look at the picture. j.r. smith hasn't won a shirt since they won. will the flyers have the rookie of the year tonight? shanes go ta spear turned the season around. >> it mean as lot to me. just everyone who's helped me get here. anyone who's had a hand in my ability to play hockey. it would be special to me and definitely be an honor. >> we'll have high light os thereafter and more at 11:00. i'm john clark. we'll be right back.
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for all of us here at"nbc 10 new news", i'm tim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. next up, "nightly news" with lester holt. a nice night for dinner yo it side. enjoy the evening. we'll see you back here later. democrats shouting, demanding action on gun control. to tell the truth, donald trump unleashes a blistering takedown on hillary clinton. but nbc news found his all-out assault was filled with falsehoods and questionable claims. a frantic race against time for a father and his kids missing at sea. are. a stunning twist after the monster truck bust, with an arsenal of weapons. tonight, the rescue mission they were on spurred by a tragic loss. cliffhanger as the crowd goes wild. people hanging from buildings to catch a glimpse of history. and with one of the greatest songs of all-time, a rip-off.


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